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International hosting helps optimize performance, expand reach, improve user experience, comply with regulations, and enhance the resilience of websites and apps in a global context.

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Middle East

North America

United States


Conversion Events

GA4 & Pixel events all set-up. Just add your script.

Scale as you grow

Start free - Scale internationally.


Automatic Setup

Choose how and where you'd like to scale. We will take care of the rest.



Ready-to-go deployments in 7 continents all over the globe



For greater coverage and stability of all websites and apps


Server up-time

Guaranteed 98% server up-time throughout the year


Geo-based routing

Routing users globally to your closes available deployment



Assuring performance of your site and app via high concurency of connections

Start automating in a few clicks with Zapier

The automation possibilities are endless with Builderly & Zapier


Integrate your favorite Email tools, Push Notifications, SMS, Sheets and more


Automate deliveries with popular providers

Events & Meetings

Connect booking with your preferred meeting providers

Existing stores & blogs

Connect your existing online store with and make use of the Native App without having to migrate your existing site

Our Mission

Return on investment, for everyone, everywhere

We started Builderly as business owners and consumers of popular platforms.

About 6 months in, we found out that an online business is just a hard as any endevour. 

We were paying more each month than what we were turning over.

That's when we got the idea to bring up a platform, that can do all, for large and small customers, that will generate more revenue than the customer is paying.

We implemented all the solutions that worked for us and for our partners.

That's it. Our mission is clear - help the small grow, and the large to scale up.

Not sure where to begin?

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