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Blog & Community
on another level.

Create a blog and community around it.

Allow users to add blog articles, comments and chat between each other.

Monetise with a pay-wall and subscriptions automate emails & push notifications.


More logins from Apps
compared to Web


Higher Engagement from
Push Notifications vs Email


More time spent in 
Apps vs Websites

Easy set-up & control

Set-up your blog with the Builderly admin dashboard and receive emails & push notifications for subscriptions, comments and chat messages.

Your users can also create articles, receive notifications directly on their homescreens so both you and them will not miss a new post.

Create a community via Comments and 1:1 Chats

Allow users to comment and chat amongst each other.


A modern forum

Allow users to post blog articles, and monetise with monthly subscriptions






Mobile App

Create your own marketplace

Let users post products, services and blog articles

Let users create the content of your app, so you can focus on marketing.

You are in full control of what users can post inside your marketplace.

Product marketplace

Service booking platform

Blog & Reviews

Monetize on ads & subscriptions


Create & Edit designs on-the-go

Builderly's patent-pending UI builder allows for design creation & edit from your mobile device

Frictionless design

Responsive layouts

Site & App in sync

From mobile devices

We scaled 3x in the last 2 years

"We are developing a specialised orthotics shops franchise. For the last 10 years, we’ve had several websites on different popular platforms. Each time, we migrated to a different platform, it was due to a lack of support, bad SEO, non-sufficient look, and expensive monthly fees. We’ve been working with Builderly since the beginning of the platform, and they helped us resolve all the problems we’ve had. Now - our SEO is great, the support is amazing, they help us with professional advice, and they have a very personal attitude toward us. We managed to scale 3 times in the last two years, and a big part of that is thanks to Builderly. I would definitely recommend Builderly to starting and existing companies."


Elena Yolovska

co-founder of AllSport Orthotics
Specialised Orthotics Shops Franchise

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