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The Complete Solution.

Builderly is a platform that allows users to create and manage a functional website and a native iOS & Android app - No coding required.

Look Professional

New templates weekly, custom components, powerful engine

300 + Built-in features

No hidden costs -> Lifetime pricing -> Pay as you go

Your Own Native App

Sell products, appointments, online programs & courses, blogs, and much more

SEO & SSL Included

True Server-side rendering, Fast loading speeds, Secure pages - out-of-the-box

You can design anything
native iOS & Android mobile applications - push notification, subscriptions, calendar bookings, store, chat, admin dashboard, marketplace

Site & App with all the necessary features.

Online stores, Scheduling, Interactive courses, Subscriptions, Chats, Marketplace and much more.

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connect existing website to app via zapier

Connect your existing site -> to your new App.

Use our constantly growing number of Zapier templates to connect your existing online store to your new fully functional native iOS & Android app.

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visual representation of international hosting infrastructure

Builderly for global expansion.

Regionally optimised hosting, conversion tracking infrastructure and reliable payments = successful business.

Powered by Google Cloud Platform

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Automate your work

Create interactive programs and courses. Grow your audiance and scale more than you have ever imagined.

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Hear from our customers

We scaled 3x in the last 2 years

"We are developing a specialised orthotics shops franchise. For the last 10 years, we’ve had several websites on different popular platforms.Each time, we migrated to a different platform, it was due to a lack of support, bad SEO, non-sufficient look, and expensive monthly fees. We’ve been working with Builderly since the beginning of the platform, and they helped us resolve all the problems we’ve had. Now - our SEO is great, the support is amazing, they help us with professional advice, and they have a very personal attitude toward us.We managed to scale 3 times in the last two years, and a big part of that is thanks to Builderly. I would definitely recommend Builderly to starting and existing companies."

Elena Yolovska
co-founder of AllSport Orthotics
Specialised Orthotics Shops Franchise

Ended up being better than what I expected

"I used Builderly to create my own fitness app. The platform is very easy to use. The customer support is incredible, probably the best I've had. The app ended up being better than what I expected - Which is awesome. I received hundreds of positive reviews from customers. I would recommend Builderly to anyone who wants to scale their online business."

Georgi Shishkov
Influencer & Owner of FFB
Fitness & Lifestyle brand

Builderly checked all the boxes

We were recently faced with the task to create a new website. We did extensive research on platforms, and the best overall offering that fitted our needs turned out to be a client of ours. We started our partnership with Builderly last year when they were searching for the most stable infrastructure solution for their clients. We had prepared a list of must-have requirements - Analytics infrastructure, Mobile-first design, Easy-to-use administrative dashboard for our marketing team, High performance, and Stability. Builderly checked all the boxes at the most reasonable cost."

Ivo Zimbilev
co-owner of Cloud OfficeOfficial resellers of Google Workspaceand GCP for CEE

The Support you always needed.

Our suppor will help you on-board, build, and manage - we can even build it for you if that is something you require.

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